Akarana Golf Club News

2019 Club Champions


The 2019 edition of the Club Champs had some interesting match ups and the promise of some stiff competition. It is never easy winning the main event so congratulations to those that did. Listed below are all the winners (our commiserations to the runners up). As they say 'there is always next year'. 


Senior Club Champ: Aaron Evans  - Runner Up: Steve Matthews

Intermediate Club Champ: Brett Pollock - Runner Up: Graham Stanage

Junior Club Champ: Neil Pritchard -Runner Up: Brendan Cooney

C Grade Club Champ: Graham McKay - Runner Up: Calvyn Wilson



Senior Club Champ: Anne Familton - Runner Up: Amy Lee

Intermediate Club Champ: Ena Robertson - Runner Up: Barbara Jepson

Junior Club Champ: Monica Butler - Runner Up: Keryn Jones

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